al 12 ottobre 2016


al 12 ottobre 2016


The jury composed by Laurent Cantet (Director), Hugo Rosak (Chef of Industry at Karlovy Vary International Film Festival) and Mariam Al Ferjani (Actress, Screenwriter and Director) conferred

Jury’s honorable mention
Arábia João Dumans e Affonso Uchoa (Brasil, 2017, 96’)
Within the following reasons:
For its strong ability to involve the audience in a story of the voice-less and the daring cinematic description of life, love, work and death.

International feature film award € 5.000,00
Amatörer Gabriela Pichler (Sweden, 2018, 102’)
Within the following reasons:
For its non-judgemental approach in depicting the multi-layered global problems on a local scale. Thanks to a great cast and through the use of smart sense of humour, the Amateurs draws a portrait of the immigration phenomena in its finest details and thoughtfully frame how filmmaking can help us see and understand the complex world around us.


Audience award € 1.000,00
Conferred by the audience attending the festival.
Smuggling Hendrix Marios Piperides (Cyprus, 2018, 93’)

Circoli del Cinema Jury Award € 1.000,00
Conferred by Circoli del Cinema members of Carbonia
Black Mother Khalik Allah (Usa, 2018, 77’)
Within the following reasons:
The high quality of all the films in competition made it difficult to choose the winner. The latter finally fell on "Black Mother" which we unanimously considered the most emotionally involving, from an emotional point of view, a poetic, generous and moving act of love. Balck Mother won Circoli del Cinema Award for having outlined an intimate and deep portrait of Jamaica, for having been able to represent the joyful vitality of its inhabitants and at the same time their ability to welcome life and history, including them in a universal embrace.


International short movie award € 1.500,00
Conferred by a jury composed by a selection committee and organisers/planners of Sardinian short movies. The panels members are Sergio Stagno (Skepto International Film Festival), Silvia Saba (USN|expo Sardinia Queer Short Film Festival), Marta Manconi (Sardinia Film Fe-stival), Alice Deledda (Passaggi d’Autore - Festival del Cortometraggio Mediterraneo) and Elisa Meloni (Notorius Film Festival)
Cops are actors Tova Mozard (Sweden, 2017, 20’)
Within the following reasons:
The Jury awards the First Prize to Tova Mozard's "Cops are Actors" because it describes in an ironic and unsettling way the overlapping roles between the policeman-actor and the actor-policeman, leaving the viewer with a feeling of uncertainty on the boundary between reality and fiction.

Jury Cinema Giovani award
Conferred by a jury composed by 14 Italian University Cinema students whom have won the competition “Carbonia Cinema Giovani”.

Jury Cinema Giovani’s honorable mention
Untravel di Ana Nedeljković, Nikola Majdak Jr.(Serbia, 2018, 9’)
Within the following reasons:
The use of the stop motion animation technique allows the representation of boundaries as an imaginary line. For this reason the Young Jury wishes to mention Untravelled.

Best short movie award € 500,00:
Joy In People by Oscar Hudson (Uk/France, 2017, 15’)
Within the following reasons:
Unanimously, the Youth Jury decides to award the film that best managed to become the flag (to become the earth and soul) of the need to belong to a community. Throughout an articulated but direct language, he is able to represent the loneliness of the protagonist in the crowd, a mirror of the nowadays society.
The director pins his hopes on the "new Europeans", thanks to this message of inclusion our award goes to Joy In People by Oscar Hudson.

School Jury award € 500,00
Conferred by a jury composed by High School IV and V grades students from Carbonia.
Untravel di Ana Nedeljković, Nikola Majdak Jr.(Serbia, 2018, 9’)


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